Toby's Giftlist

You can see things that I would like listed in the coloumn "gift",
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There is now a column called 'desirability' which gives you an impression of how much I'm looking forward to getting various things and how chuffed I'll be if I receive them. Bigger numbers are better!
Other useful tips:
  • I do not mind receiving second-hand items so feel free to use ebay. In fact, for some of the older items on this list, you will likely have to use ebay since they are no longer available in the shops.
  • I do have a multi-region DVD player, so imported DVDs are no problem.
  • The "where to buy" column is only a suggestion. You may be able to get a better price by doing your own search.
  • Giftfurther infowhere to buy itThis gift idea has been claimed by:BackdownDesirability (1 is 'casual desire', 5 is 'I really want this')
    swanky foodAny jars of interesting foods that you think might pique my interestDelicatessens
    Hamper of nice veggie foodThere are plenty of pre-made ones on Google, or build your own!Nice delicatessens
    Bird feederFor the gardenHere: amazon
    4K UltraHD: AlienLatest release of the original film. Note: Not the blu rayAmazonClaire Newman
    Click the button above if you are Claire Newman and you would like to change your mind.
    Booja Booja productsBest choccies
    M and S, 2 Pack Light Warmth Thermal VestsSmall, black or white or both.M and S
    A nice bottle of whiskyI am actually doing OK for whisky at the moment but it makes a good present. I have a list of ones I like hereGenerally available
    M and S Thermal Medium Warmth Long Sleeve VestSmall, grey.M and S
    GlovesI could do with some warm well fitting gloves.Glove shop I guess.
    Steam Gift CardThis lets me buy games for my VRSupermarket checkout, or Game
    A game from my Steam wishlistThey are ranked by how much I want themLink to the list
    Black forest gateauLike, a really good one.Not sure